Mt. Zion Keenagers... 

Adults ages 50 and over, are encouraged to be “Keenagers”!        This is the place at Mt. Zion for mature adults to fellowship together, to grow in the Lord, and to pass along His great love and wisdom  to the generations that follow. 

Here are some of the exciting things that "Keenagers" do on the fourth Thursday of every month ...

Keenager Meetings!   Some months we meet at the church for a catered meal, followed by an interesting or inspiring program which in the past has covered everything from Bingo to Gospel Singing to fire safety for seniors.

Keenagers Trips!  Some months Keenagers board the church bus and van for exciting and entertaining adventures, such as trips to the mountains, the beach, gardens, museums, to see Christmas lights, shopping, and of course, places to eat!

Come and join us! You'll be glad you did!

112 Mt. Zion Church Road, Cherryville, NC 28021 - Office: 704-435-9636 -